The Single fin colour range and templates every summer session needs in 2023.

Summer’s here and so that means new summer colours and fins from Freefall Surf Industries. All our favourite templates got the makeover we all love to froth on. Countless hours of colour matching, endless sunset beers chatting over what fins worked best and not so best that day and then the favourite part – the testing!

Fine Lines Traction Series, Built Shred Ready

Our latest traction profile tightens things up where it counts – right under your feet on the set of the day! After 12+ months of testing different profiles, grooves and thicknesses our Fine Lines grip series is ready for all to take some serious advantage of. Available in all our signature grip models plus our latest two additions, the Flashback and Trifecta.

Easy Rider leashes, new materials and colours upgraded for summer 2023.

New colourways of our ever-popular Easy Rider leash series just landed! Upgraded moulded velcro technology, easy-to-access quick release and the design work we have put in over the last Indo season to improve the overall functioning and usage make your next leash purchase a breeze.

Indo Fin Essentials Summer 2022. 
High Line and F3 Wine Gum

The Indo season is now fully firing on all 8 cylinders with our second swell just passing by. Our customers, team and friends have been vibing hard on our new additions at both the demanding sessions like Padang Padang and the smaller fun-sized beachies and secret reef passes in recent weeks with what we have been recommending them to ride.

All new 5 piece traction range in endless options – The Pro 5.

Onwards and upwards for the Freefall pro traction range. Our next edition was a safe bet in the title race, following up on the already website sold-out Pro 4 piece, our next high-performing shred pad – The Pro 5.


Our keel research and development has been on overdrive the past few months with a smaller than usual Bali wet season finally passing. While managing to actually discover a few new waves around Bali and beyond it has given us some great sessions to really push our latest template beyond the unknown.

F1 Series. Upright template

Our first fin release gets the update treatment in 2022 that
we’ve spent endless Bali pandemic sessions refining. Speed & flow
with a progressive approach to the waves both when there are on and not so on! Looking for quicker start-up speed when the waves are average?

The Chronicles Of G-Land

This book examines in great detail, the complicated and surprising circumstances surrounding the early years of the world’s first surf camp. Indonesian author and journalist, Dian Hadiani, spent the better part of four years interviewing scores of people, who either visited Grajagan to surf, or were involved in setting up the camp. Unravelling the sequence of events, Dian’s research describes how the vision was realized and how warring parties battled to control the lucrative venture. If you think you know the history of G-Land, think again.

The Cosmic Twin Colour Range Just Got Some Extra Summer 2022 Squeeze.

Our most all round twin fin template just got the summer makeover it deserved and they look just like something our of your favorite candy store you used to visit as a grommet. Part upright, part keel but full performance is where the Cosmic twin fits into your newest summer quiver addition.


Introducing The Freefall 2022 Traction Range.

Tail Pads, Deck Grip, Traction – the descriptions are endless but functionality is key. All our grips are tested to perform and last! Our exclusive locking patterns are what grips your foot in, stopping any chance of sliding more so than anything sourced under our price point. Just look at our team riders and the crazy situations


Our 3 Favourite Gifts This Xmas.

With Christmas approaching very fast and as per usual you’ve left all your shopping and gift searching til the last minute let us make the decisions a whole lot easier! With another year behind us that once again delivered as far as the waves and surf sessions are concerned here are some of our best selling products and a brand new one we have been working on all year.

F3 Small, The Perfect Performer Fin
For Smaller People.

We’ve had another epic summer in Bali and beyond in 2021 and our team has been enjoying countless gold-rated sessions with just a handful in the water so the wave count has been XL. With Bali’s variety of conditions always delivering quality waves its our F3 that’s always been the go-to fin with the waves turn on.  

Freefall Summer 2022 Catalogue

All our products are designed and tested across Indonesia’s huge array of surf conditions. From the heaving barrels of Padang Padang to secret novelty sand bottom point breaks so you know they perform exactly how they are meant to. We take our products seriously while delivering a friendly price tag that allows more change and much more surfing! Manufactured at the world’s leading facilities.

Xmas Sorted With New High Line Twin Series Colourways

Our newly found favourite twin fin summer shredder just dropped with all-new colourways right in time for Xmas! More refined and ready to boost your twin fin performance surfing to the next level. Missing out on sections that are presenting themselves for a good old fashion belting? Worried about nursing bottom turns due to past twin fin experiences 


Our most popular fin to date just got the upgrade that everyone should have seen coming cause 4 fins are better than 3? Quad fins change the dynamics of both big wave surfing and sluggish beach break days alike. Plugging 4 of the best into your favourite step up give that extra hold you’ve always mind surfed on the section of the day while when things get a bit sluggish at your favourite summer swell magnet the extra squirt comes in handy when things take a bit of back seat in the power division.


All our t-shirts are manufactured in a socially responsible and eco-conscious environment via our friends down the road from one of our most sworn to secrecy surf breaks! Organic bamboo cotton not only feels softer than any other tee product on the market it also contains heaps of little goodies that stop you sweating and smelling bad. 

Shipwrecks Nusa Lembongan upgraded with new look ship!

Made famous over half a century ago when Bob Brown passed thru putting it on the map, it was later in the early 80’s when Australian world champion Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew was filming surf flick ‘Band on the run’  when ‘Shipwrecks’ gained it’s global identity. A lonely old rusted shipwreck as seen below guarded the break 

Leashes demand reliability while functioning with the greatest of ease. The highest grade materials and strength need to come first, then all the bells and whistles follow and that’s exactly how we designed our leashes from the ground up. Starting with the strongest urethane cord on the market, highest grade stainless steel swivels and the Freefall leash range continues it’s journey from there.


Our first team rider in Australia is the perfect match for where our humble surf accessory company finds itself grounded in 2021. Cam MacDougall rips in all conditions and at the ripe age of 18 he is already a seasoned Bali tube rider and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him with open arms to the Freefall family. 

The Latest Addition To The Freefall Twin Family Touches Down – The High Line

The latest addition to the Freefall Twin family touches down – The High Line. More refined and ready to boost your twin fin performance surfing to the next level. Missing out on sections that are presenting themselves for a good old fashion belting? Worried about nursing bottom turns due to past twin fin experiences not holding when the waves get a bit more powerful? 

Our new combed combo tractions grips hard!

Introducing our latest grip creation the Pro 3. Built via modern designs, team feedback and lots of road testing. We mixed and matched some of our most popular designs, kept a close eye on big brother and then started to modify things based on Indonesia’s testing conditions, our epic like minded team riders feedback and the daisy cutter was born. 


The Shredder couldn’t be anymore true to its title, it shreds and shreds hard! Our most performance twin fin we offer holds thru everything you can throw into it and then some. Made for performance twins and surfers who want to take their twin fin game up numerous levels. Constructed from solid fiberglass and the highest grade resin, the Shredder will never let you down when the waves turn on – GUARANTEED. 

Freefall’s Team Riders Take Out 1st Spots Across Bali’s National Surf League In June.

Our Freefall junior team have been on a tear in recent weeks taking out the competitions around Bali’s national circuit. The skill level of all the junior division really has gone up so many levels in recent years and with the waves we have been scoring over the pandemic period it’s no wonder the kids are sending it XL. Not just first places to but plenty of the Freefall team have been hitting the podium.


After the success of our ever popular F1 template it was hard to improve but after countless sessions with our team here it is! Take your performance to the next level with even tighter turning circles in the most critical of sections while holding more speed and control than any of our other fins! Feel like you need to push harder than the other guys in the lineup thru the wave of the day? Look no further – the F2 has arrived for your riding pleasure. 

Introducing the all new Cosmic Twin series. Did someone say fun upgrade?

Our latest twin fin addition was born out of a need for more drive when the waves turned on but still the perfect amount of rake to drive up and thru the bowl of the wave at the drop of a dime. Sounds easy enough but the magic formula is what takes many test runs and updates to perfect.

PRO FISH – The Deck Pad Your Favourite Summer Board Always Wanted.

Introducing our latest grip addition – Pro Fish. With our epic range of twin fins it was only a matter of time until we worked on the ultimate grip for your favourite summer fun machine. Fitting perfectly into that wide tailed board with a spread of super gripping traction that you’ve always searched for but never quite covers all bases of your back foot. 

Need More From Your Fins? Hello Fiberflex

Proven over many years of results, solid fiberglass fins have always remained a fixture in the surfboard industry. Many new discoveries in both materials and technology have come and gone but pro surfers and shapers alike always find themselves coming back to refine their solid materials. 


Bali summer 2021 is already starting to shine and what better time to get amongst some our great new recommendations. That is of course before the waves get serious and the sunsets go extra tropical. First up our new F3 Large addition has landed and some of Bali’s best riders have already delivered some huge results. Our ultralite leash series is finally back in stock with lots of new fun colours and last but not leash everyone’s favourite summer fun provider, our Retro Keels bring the vibes in new colours and in all new FCS2 compatible format.  

TWIN + 1 Ultralite turns the fun up a few more levels.

Wet Season Bali 20/21 once again has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving. Our team and friends surfed non stop across so many different conditions and set ups testing our huge array of samplers and prototypes. Once the season changed, the votes counted, feedback adhered to,  it was a few obvious models that really stood out. 

The Latest Single Fin Template Lumberjack Takes The Fun Levels Right Up.

Wet season in Bali always provides the ultimate testing ground for new models and ideas. After working on our first few single fin templates with our team we got to work in the design lab and come up with the Lumberjack. More rake and more base effectively means more hold and more drive and that’s what our riders wanted in addition to their quiver of fins. 


Fast Forward to Indo’s Summer 2021 and our latest version the F3 has taken all the results and data from its younger siblings and turned things up much louder! Responsive, explosive surfing that you demand from your trusted fin set has never been more accessible. A slightly refined rake thru the middle fin puts a exclamation in all those turns you wish you could take back and do again.


Every wet season in Bali has always been about product developing but this season was just that little bit more special. With the epic summer we had and all the templates we worked with, refining everything was a pleasure. Now as we start to see the sun come back to Bali and the West Coast offshores.

Freefall Easy Rider Leashes, What Your New Board Fund Wants You To Consider.

All our leashes use only the highest grade stainless steel swivels and Velcro plus the latest molded urethane technology. The Easy Rider combines the friendliest price tag and A1 quality on the planet – trust us we manufacture at the same factories as big brother but eliminate any corporate costs and extra unnecessary bling. Functionality, strenght & comfort id what Easy Rider delivers while we guarantee.

First look at 2 new twin fins added to our range.

A new week and 2 new twin fins added to our ever growing range of fins and surf apparel, these could be our biggest additions yet. First up our ‘Racetrack’ Power Twin has been getting a good workout through its name’s sake at Uluwatu this week and does it deliver! Lightning speed acceleration while holding thru powerful turns where a normal twin fin generally won’t dare to venture. If you have ever felt a twin fin just wasn’t getting critical enough for you due to the lack of hold, this is the fin you have been searching for. 

Single Fin 2021 range is about to go XL.

Longboard season is here in Bali and we have been busy in the laboratory working on all sorts of templates, collaborations and designs. Our 2021 catalogue is about to split at the seams and we can’t wait to share it all with you. First up is the Friendless range via a 8,9 and 10 inch template that’s designed to work in most conditions but really perform when you flip the switch. A huge range of colour variations and materials are what you requested and we have listened. Resin tints, multi layered and pattern inserts. 

Freefall Diamond Lock 2021 Traction Range.

Tail Pads, Deck Grip, Traction – the descriptions are endless but the functionality is key. The density of EVA foam is essentially what makes them stand out from the rest. All our grips are tested to perform and last! Our diamond lock and groove pattern is what eliminates any chance of sliding more so than anything on the market under $50, just look at our team riders and the crazy situations they find themselves daily in around Indonesia. 

F3 [Coming March 2021]

The fin from Freefall that everyone seen coming! Our F1 signature fin went much better than expected from a small humble fin company starting out in Uluwatu Bali, we really weren’t ready for what was next but then its big brother stepped in, the F2 and helped to carry the load and took things up a few more levels – catering for a much wider thrill seeker. A refined outline, more colour options and different compositions which equates to different performance and flex capabilities. 

Ultralite Leash Touches Down Just In Time For Your Next Ultra Session.

Leashes demand reliability and the ability to function with the greatest of ease. The highest grade materials and strength need to come first, then all the bells and whistles follow and that’s exactly how we design our leashes from the ground up. Starting with the strongest urethane cord currently available, highest grade stainless steel double swivels and bearings, a slim fit comfort ankle wrap with the latest in Velcro technology our planet offers! 

2021 Freefall Industries Twin Fin Range

Brand new year and we couldn’t wait to burst out the gates with our brand new 2021 twin range but in traditional flex construction and the most cutting edge materials available currently in the surfing industry including some new and updated templates with our signature ultralite core. First up is something we spent the best part of the historic 2020 dry season here in Bali perfecting – our twin + 1 template. 


Bali’s been locked out to most in recent months but its been non stop for our lucky team riders test our latest F2. The waves have been pounding the island’s sandy shores non stop and two of Bali’s favourite surfers Tommy Sobry and Ketut Agus have been feasting on the conditions. Both on the Channel Island’s team they have been pushing the latest CI models armed with our Freefall Industries F2 prototypes to their fullest potential and the results have been nothing short of mind blowing!


Bali’s varied surf breaks have provided us the ultimate playground to develop our twin fin range daily.  There isn’t a morning that goes past we don’t wake up and think what’s next on our twin fin agenda.  Designs, templates, colours, its endless and that’s why we have the largest range of twin fins in Bali.

All our products are designed and tested across Indonesia’s huge array of surf breaks. From the heaving barrels of Padang Padang to secret novelties sand bottom point breaks so you know they perform exactly how they are meant to. We take our products seriously while delivering a friendly price tag that allows more change and much more surfing! Manufactured at the world’s leading facilities but eliminating huge advertising costs, middle men and corporate branding is our conversion. Our are our family and we always love to see you sharing the vibes with us. As we like to say – You never know, if you never go!






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