Fine Lines Traction Series, Built Shred Ready

Our latest traction profile tightens things up where it counts – right under your feet on the set of the day! After 12+ months of testing different profiles, grooves and thicknesses our Fine Lines grip series is ready for all to take some serious advantage of. Available in all our signature grip models plus our latest two additions, the Flashback and Trifecta. A touch thicker than the obvious other models on the market so you know your latest grip purchase won’t break down after a few months of surfing. The perfect hardness so it grips just as the package suggest it does and is all made from as friendly materials as we can possibly source. All that plus some serious research and development for under $50 is exactly what we strive to deliver without the crazy markups of sales campaigns, salesmen and over-the-top packaging. #shredwithus

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