The Cosmic Twin Colour Range Just Got Some 
Extra Summer 2022 Squeeze.

Our most all round twin fin template just got the summer makeover it deserved and they look just like something our of your favorite candy store you used to visit as a grommet. Part upright, part keel but full performance is where the Cosmic twin fits into your newest summer quiver addition. Whether you find yourself cruising an early morning fun-sized beach break session or looking to add a bit more spice to your performance twin fin – these fins add the zip and flair that you’ve been searching for in all new colorways no matter what your palette needs are.


Our simplest design has proven our most popular, now with debuting Combed Lines groove. The most critical of situations has your back foot right where it needs to be, over the sweet spot and ready to push hard when the going gets harder! #shredwithus

Check out COSMIC TWINS here

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