Indo Fin Essentials Summer 2022. 
High Line and F3 Wine Gum

The Indo season is now fully firing on all 8 cylinders with our second swell just passing by. Our customers, team and friends have been vibing hard on our new additions at both the demanding sessions like Padang Padang and the smaller fun-sized beachies and secret reef passes in recent weeks with what we have been recommending them to ride. First up, our favorite F3 template for when the waves have been ON has finally got the full fiberglass aka Fiberflex treatment in medium format. Built for shredders who either need a bit more hold from their usual go-to set or for bigger guys who want to go down to a slightly smaller template but not compromise any drive or hold.

Next up, after popular demand, we finally have our High Line upright performance twins returning in some great new color options. It’s no secret we love our signature purple resin tints and now our latest offering is high-grade Korean tint that really bridges the Pantone gap between your favorite Bali Dragonfruit and Mulberry smoothy even closer. No new range is complete without more new palette work, introducing our matt black and semi-translucent red and blue rounds out a great new summer addition with everyone’s favorite Freefall performance twin fin – the High Line. #shredwithus

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