Paint Pens For Surfboards

To make it easier than ever before to paint a surfboard by providing premium
products, education, and inspiration.

Why is SurfPaints Different?

SurfPaints uses a unique formulated acrylic paint engineered toensure maximum adhesion to fiberglass


Surfboardsspecifically. We separate ourselves from competitors by being the experts at painting surfboards and passing our knowledge on to the customer through
marketing, education, and inspiration.

SurfPaints is the only painting product on the market to includeinstructions on the reverse of the packaging tailored to a surfboard. We also have display stands in surf stores thatinclude an inspirational booklet of surfboard designs for customer browsing.

Do I need to use a clear coat/varnish/lacquer after painting my board with SurfPaints?
SurfPaints are waterproof once dried but not scratchproof. We strongly recommend a clear spray to protect your artwork from
the wear and tear involved in surfing. You can pick up fast-drying acrylic clear coats from hardware and auto stores. At this stage, we are unable to provide a clear spray as they are a flammable item and classified as a “Dangerous Good” making it difficult for storage and shipment.

Do SurfPaints work on surfaces other than a surfboard?

Absolutely! SurfPaints works on over 12 surfaces including wood, glass, canvas, plastic, ceramic, rocks, fabric, cardboard, metals and more.

What happens if I make a mistake?
SurfPaints are water-based so easily removable if you make a mistake. If the paint is still wet simply rub it off with a rag or paper
towel. If the paint has dried then use a rougher surface such as a scoured pad, steel wool, or fine sandpaper to remove the paint.
SurfPaints becomes permanent once a varnish is applied over the top.

Is SurfPaints a Dangerous Good?
No! Surfpaints are not classified as a Dangerous Good. It can be transported anywhere in the world. Please email to request our Safety Data Sheet for further investigation.

SurfPaints Primary

IDR 500.000

SurfPaints Pastel

IDR 500.000

SurfPaints Fluro

IDR 550.000

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