Bali summer 2021 is already starting to shine and what better time to get amongst some our great new recommendations. That is of course before the waves get serious and the sunsets go extra tropical. First up our new F3 Large addition has landed and some of Bali’s best riders have already delivered some huge results. Our ultralite leash series is finally back in stock with lots of new fun colours and last but not leash everyone’s favourite summer fun provider, our Retro Keels bring the vibes in new colours and in all new FCS2 compatible format.  Scroll down and let the good times roll.

The talk around Bali has been the F3’s and how good they have been when the waves are firing. A touch more rake in all the right spots and the response time of the ultralite core has made even the most average board come to life. The missing link in our F3 range has been the Larger template which now touches down rounding out our latest fin range offering. The next Indo surf trip just took a major upgrade for under $100.

Our ultralite series leashes come out of the gates with all options blazing but what we didn’t plan for was an instant sell out due to their sleek design and epic colour range. Our team and customers really took to these like ducks to water, the velcro on these really need to tested to believe – tarzan like grip!  Now back in stock, all sizes and conditions options with a few upgrades, grab them while their hot!

Everyone’s favourite summer fun machine the Twin fin and keel combo always turns the worst session into the funnest while watching the bulk of the pack struggle to find some magic. New colours, new compatibility, endless new possibilities in FCS1/2 and futures options. Looking for the ultimate birthday present or turning that old tired twinny into something much more fun? The Retro keel is one of our best selling products for obvious reasons! Price vs quality takes the average score to a +10.

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