Freefall F3 Series Coming In Real Hot!

The fin from Freefall that everyone seen coming! Our F1 signature fin went much better than expected from a small humble fin company starting out in Uluwatu Bali, we really weren’t ready for what was next but then its big brother stepped in, the F2 and helped to carry the load and took things up a few more levels – catering for a much wider thrill seeker. A refined outline, more colour options and different compositions which equates to different performance and flex capabilities. Fast Forward to summer 2021 and our latest version the F3 has taken all the results and data from its younger siblings and turned things up much louder! Responsive, explosive surfing that you demand from your trusted fin set has never been more accessible. A slightly refined rake thru the middle fin puts a exclamation in all those turns you wish you could take back and do again while the hold in the bowl now got that extra degree of critical you always search for on the set of the day. No upgrade in the current surfing trend is complete without some quad variations and our template has taken an ode from the greatest ever and given it a twist of Indo which we can’t wait to unveil at a very soon date. If you know, you know.

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