Shipwrecks Nusa Lembongan upgraded with new look ship!

Made famous over half a century ago when Bob Brown passed thru putting it on the map, it was later in the early 80’s when Australian world champion Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew was filming surf flick ‘Band on the run’  when ‘Shipwrecks’ gained it’s global identity. A lonely old rusted shipwreck as seen below guarded the break which is known to really come to life when the tide starts to fill in covering the famous reef’s seaweed farms. A recent Australian media report covered a great article on how the industry has seen a resurgence due to the Covid stricken times around Bali and beyond with many of it’s hospitality workers returning to family businesses and villages for employment, check it here.

Fast forward to September 2021 and everyone’s favorite Nusa Lembongan right-hander has a new artificial wedge of very large proportions. After chatting to some of our local friends, the tip is the first two waves of the set bounce of the shipwreck the best before it affects the lineup too much.  Shallow reef passes that rise out of some of the deepest oceans in the world are no secret around Indonesian waters but this one just has those extra elements that obviously cause even the most experienced seaworthy skipper a few concerns! Enjoy a gallery of some of the most recent photos Shipwrecks has produced due to its upgraded namesake and watch this space as some of our good friends continue to shred its infamous wrapping green walls.

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