The Latest Single Fin Template Lumberjack Takes The Fun Levels Right Up.

Wet season in Bali always provides the ultimate testing ground for new models and ideas. After working on our first few single fin templates with our team we got to work in the design lab and come up with the Lumberjack. More rake and more base effectively means more hold and more drive and that’s what our riders wanted in addition to their quiver of fins. Then going to our usual international suppliers with our availability of our newest offering we asked what they wanted and the results are in! Pastel tints and floral inlays always reflect the fun of longboarding and sits just fine with the tropical vibes of Bali. Add in some darker tints and colours like black and purple with 15% transparency and our latest single fin offering the ‘Lumberjack’ is born. All our single fins are handmade in Bali with the highest of work ethic standards while trying to reduce our footprint and waste management as much as possible. Furthermore all our fins come with a handmade pouch from our favourite sewing lady just around the corner on Jl. Uluwatu. Logger enthusiasts please apply below.

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