2021 Freefall Industries Twin Fin Range

Brand new year and we couldn’t wait to burst out the gates with our brand new 2021 twin range but in traditional flex construction and the most cutting edge materials available currently in the surfing industry including some new and updated templates with our signature ultralite core. First up is something we spent the best part of the historic 2020 dry season here in Bali perfecting – our twin + 1 template. Our current twin + 1 was a big success this year, turning average sessions into gold, the team riders some who were experiencing this set up for the first time have been blown away wth the response. Combining this feedback with our designer and more established twin fin enthusiasts, we are already reaping the reward with our updated template and ultralite core. Next up and rounding out a very complete range for us is our Keels available now in the Retro 2. A slightly larger base gives this even more hold than our original template making it thru the section of the day in even the most challeging of conditions. If you like the feel of a twin fin and not into switching back to something a bit more the given normal when things get a bit more powerful the Retro 2 is for you, and ultralite ready! Unlock your next twin fin option with Freefall in 2021. 

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