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KETUT AGUS (WSL Nias Pro 2018 Champion)

Ketut’s been on a mission in 2020, with no competition scheduled due to the current global crisis he hasn’t wasted a second. Training daily with the Indonesian team both at the surf and gym thru a government endorsed program he is going from the strength to strength. Once the grommet dominating the beach breaks from Kuta to Padma he has now morphed into a professional adult and it’s a pleasure to be working with him developing our fin range. This season’s been epic and he has been scoring Padang Padang, Lembongan, the outer reefs and lonely firing sand dredging beachies. His feedback has been all forward thinking and his sessions on our Pro 2 prototypes in the last few weeks since they arrived in Bali finally after some anxious delays have been blowing up all in awe and lucky enough to witness some of his 2020 sessions! Watch this space as the Pro 2’s are coming to a store near you. “Fins drive so good, feels so good on my board, I love them

Tommy Sobry ( Bingin, Bali)

We have worked with Tommy for a number of years now via numerous other projects and it was our obvious choice with him to join our team as his surfing is explosive and when he paddles out everyone is watching. Honing his skills in the world’s most mechanical strip of surf on the planet it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world caught attention. Back dooring huge Padang Padang barrels with the greatest of ease, lighting up critical bowls at Bingin or going switchfoot thru the pack on set of the day, it’s all in a days work for Tommy and now armed with the Freefall range of fins and accessories his focus is laser sharp and ready to take his surfing the next stage of new normal 2020.

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