Bali’s pandemic times during Covid delivered the perfect opportunity to develop a completely new Good Times skincare range and message. With isolated beaches and surf, not much business around and zero tourism, launching new sunscreen products had both its ups and downs. Like the rest of Bali, focusing on positive vibes, we now reach the other side and it’s time to share the stoke with you! Introducing some of the most tried, tested and proven natural-based sunscreens currently available for your next day in the sun!

Bali’s eco-conscious, upcycled, vegan & ocean friendly lifestyle supplies. #BEACHWITHUS

Reef safe is a term that is thrown around very loosely. When it comes to what harms marine life there is more than just a couple of ingredients to look out for. All our products contain no harmful ingredients plus we are continuously developing a more friendly formula.

None of our products contain any animal matters or materials. Furthermore we never test anything on animals but can confirm our dogs love a bit of natural-based sunscreen on their noses when hitting us up for a big day at the beach.

All our products are made in small batches to oversee the highest consistent quality. Not just that, we also practice great work conditions and all our team share the same stoke making our products as you do using them.

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